Easy Croissant Donuts

Easy Croissant Donuts- Yummy, chocolate-dipped cronuts are simpler to make than you might think.

2 sheets puff pastry
200 grams pancake mix
1 egg
20 grams butter
30 grams sugar
Chocolate, melted

Crushed pistachio
Pink peppercorns
Gold leaf
Dried fruits
Freeze-dried raspberries

Soften puff bread and butter at space temperature level.
In a dish, integrate pancake blend, egg, butter and sugar and blend well.
Present and squash dough with a bread roller. Location puff bread on leading.
Cover the dough about the puff bread. Reduce in fifty percent and roll bent on squash. Duplicate this procedure 3 times.
Utilizing a mold and mildew, eliminated donuts.
Fry in warm oil (170 levels C) up until gold brown.
Dip in dissolved delicious chocolate and embellish with your fave toppings.

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