If you’re still looking for a dessert to make for your loved ones this weekend, I recommend my Nutella Brownie Mug Cake. It’s just 3 ingredients and cooks in the microwave. I’ve shared this recipe before, but it’s so good, I wanted to send a reminder.

 1/2 cup + 2 tbsp Nutella
 1 large egg gently whisked
 4  tbsp all purpose flour

The directions here are for making 2 mug cakes. You can easily halve the recipe if you just want to make one. Split the whisked egg evenly into two oversized microwave safe mugs (approximately 2 tbsp of whisked egg per mug). I used 12 oz mugs.
Add 1/4 cup + 1 tbsp of Nutella into each mug. Add 2 tbsp of flour into each mug. Mix with a sturdy whisk until batter is smooth. Batter will be very thick, so you will need to exert some power in your whisking.
Microwave each mug separately for about 1 minute. Allow the brownie to cool slightly before eating. If you want an extra chewy brownie texture, allow the brownie to fully cool (about 20-30 minutes). For a nicer presentation, I recommend removing cake from mug and placing into a smaller plate or ramekin and then topping with powdered sugar, fruit, or ice cream on top.

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