Deliciously Easy Traditional Scottish Meat Pies

Looking for an easy-to-make recipe for traditional Scottish meat pies? This mince meat pie is flavorful, fool-proof, flexible, and delicious. And even our picky eaters tasted it - and liked it!

Meat Pie Filling
1.5 pounds stewing beef cubed
2 tbsp olive oil extra virgin
1 whole onion large
12-16 cups beef stock organic
1 sprig rosemary fresh
1 sprig thyme fresh
1 tbsp salt and pepper to taste
Pie Crust
8 oz flour
4 oz butter room temperature
2 oz lard or Crisco
1/4 cup water

Brown the beef
Cut stewing beef into 1-2" cubes (or buy it already cut).
Salt and pepper the beef.
Pour 1-2 tablespoons of olive oil into the only stove-top cooking pot you'll ever need... Or skip the stove and use my other favorite pot.

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