Baked Vanilla Yoghurt With Hibiscus Poached Pears

This baked vanilla yoghurt with hibiscus poached pears is a perfectly balalnced dessert. It tastes like a cross between panna cotta and cheesecake filling

Makes 1 shallow 9 inch pie/tart dish or 4 small to medium ramekins
2 cups full fat Greek style yoghurt
1 cup (1 x 380gm) tin condensed milk
¼ cup milk powder (I used powdered coconut milk)
2 tbsp of heavy cream
½ tsp finely grated zest of an orange
1 tsp pure vanilla extract

Pre-heat the oven to 350°F
In a bowl combine all of the above ingredients and whisk well until very smooth and combined.
Pour into a wide flatish ceramic or cast iron oven proof dish or 4 ramekins.

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