19 Simple and Tasty Cabbage Recipes

Looking to incorporate more vegetables into your menu? Give cabbage a try. It's inexpensive, low in calories, and loaded with nutrients. And before you say I don't like cabbage, give these recipes a try (no boring boiled cabbage here).

Unstuffed Cabbage Rolls

"Lean ground beef creates a fuller, meatier sauce for these delicious unstuffed cabbage rolls. Mixed with the copped cabbage, it's very hearty. Infused with great flavors, no one will ever realize the recipe is lower in carbs." - The Kitchen Crew

Comforting Cabbage Sausage Stew

"Yesterday, I had a bowl of this cabbage-sausage stew. It was so good! The flavors mingle well together. And IF you have any left over the next day, the flavors meld even better. I like to eat this in a bowl, with a slice of cornbread (or a corn muffin)." - Pat

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